Working direclty with commercial fishing harvesters and several international government agencys to mitigate marine mammal entanglements. These cost effective weak links are strategically designed to be flexible for unique commericial fishing zones such as the  NOAA  Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan in the USA. Collaboration is ongoing with DFO Canada and commercial harvesters in crab and lobster zones to create tailored solutions for their unique fishing regions. Significant success has been achieved across various LFA and CFA regions in North America, Australia, and the UK.  Our team has innovated and ventured beyond conventional methods to help solve this problem and has secured a PCT patent with their dedication and real hard work. (PCT/CA2022/050329). We continue to drive R&D initiatives to serve diverse commercial fishing zones across many regions throughout the world as much as we can.

     This product is currently not in production while we add additional machinery and is expected to remain so until September 2024.

  • Eco-friendly lead-free self-sinking core, crafted and tested in the pristine Marlborough Sounds of New Zealand. Composed of 55% polyester derived from recycled plastic bottles, it boasts superior tensile strength and yields more mussels per meter compared to competitors with similar setups.


  • Achieving exceptional strength with minimal elongation using a parallel twisted nylon 6 core paired with an HTP of 9.0 grams per denier 32 carrier outer sheath. This rope is soft, supple, and excels in resisting abrasion. Employing block creel construction, it is a trusted and devopled at our facility by military, and rope access technicians, IRATA & SPRAT trainers, and fire departments. It holds UL approval listing MH62544.


  • Highly durable yet flexible, this low-stretch material boasts exceptional handling. Crafted from 100% high tenacity polyester in a block creel construction, it offers maximum resistance to UV rays, abrasion, and water. Primarily designed for challenging environments like offshore oil rigs/FPSO's, refineries, and confined spaces, this life safety rope comes with a UL approval listing MH62544.


  • Our Double Braid Polyester ropes are known for their outstanding durability against UV exposure and varying weather conditions. Unlike Nylon, Polyester ropes maintain their softness and flexibility when wet, while also reducing elongation. They boast high strength, minimal stretch, excellent tactile feedback, and resilience in damp conditions. Custom colors and lengths can be tailored to your needs upon request. Featuring the CI-1311 rope construction.


  • Recipient of the 2017 Canadian Safe Boating Award for providing a crucial lifeline to boaters. This beacon stands out day and night, equipped with a glow-in-the-dark feature and 3M Reflective tape. It not only guides those in distress but also supports first responders during rescue missions. The floating safety rope, with a 3/8" diameter, is designed for 100' lengths to align with Transport Canada and SOLAS regulations for life rings.

North American West Coast Corkline

  • Highly regarded in commercial fishing across Alaska and the western coast of North America. Please reach out for references.  The product showcases a braided synthetic fiber jacket comprising a blend of nylon and polyester, paired with a parallel synthetic fiber core made from high-tenacity polyester. It is distinguished by exceptional durability, a textured surface, low water retention, and includes linear tracers for aligning rotation during net suspension.


  • Trusted since 1972, our 'Recipes' offer high strength and elongation. Available in various colors, lengths, and diameters, the CI-1310 rope is expertly crafted for excellent shock absorption and torque balance. Perfect for tow lines, it minimizes hockling while maintaining dimensional stability and allowing for easy splicing.


  • Emerging as a top industry leader in North America, this line boasts a distinctive design. It includes a notched lead core with a central Polyester strand for superior flexibility. The covering material is made of 100% High Tenacity Polyester, featuring a unique double protective polyester sheath exclusive to the industry. Linear tracers are included for aligning rotation during net hanging.  Ask us for references although they dont want you to know!


  • Suitable for both commercial and recreational crab fishing, this product boasts a Nylon 6 core paired with a robust high tenacity polyester sheath. With a specific gravity of 1.38, it sinks effectively, providing high abrasion resistance for consistent performance when using haulers. Available in sizes of 11/32" and 3/8" on 1800' reels, this gear has demonstrated its durability over numerous seasons, endorsed by Dungeness crabbers along the West Coast of the USA and Canada.


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