New Certification is Big News for CoastLine

The Coastline team is excited to announce that our Bulwark Safety X Kernmantle Static Safety Rope has become Canada’s first ever rope to achieve Underwriter Laboratory certification (UL certified to NFPA 1983-2017).

Bulwark Safety X has been rigorously field tested in the harsh oilfield environments of Fort McMurray and Houston Texas, as well as oil

refineries, wind farms, and NDT Job sites throughout North America. 

This innovative product is available in 11mm & 12.5mm, and can even be ordered with a Nova Scotia Tartan colour pattern. 

The development and certification of Bulwark Safety X allows CoastLine to focus on market entry into Australasia and expand our South American presence in the working-at-heights and rope-access markets. This bolsters our position as an export-driven manufacturer, with projections to see Bulwark Safety X account for 70% to 80% of total sales.

Achievements like this reflect our company’s continued commitment to customer satisfaction and our core value promise to deliver the highest quality cordage products worldwide.


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