CoastLine's Commitment to Help Defeat Cancer

A message from the President & CEO - Matthew Moore

Increasing from year to year we all seem to have someone who has been diagnosed with some form of cancer. Be it mothers, sisters, fathers, friends, wives, or colleagues who are close and very dear to our hearts. Personally, my mother has been battling stage four lung cancer since we heard the shocking news on Canada Day of 2019. With her case, there simply was no signs of warnings that would indicate a reason for going to be screened for cancer in the lungs. It just so happened that she was going in for an x-ray on her heart and had it not been for a keen eye on the radiographer noticing a concerning “bump” on the top left corner of the x-ray, my mother simply would not be here today. Within four months of finding out she had stage 4 lung cancer, she was immediately off to the Dana Faber Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. The talent and level of compassion at this Institute was a pleasant surprise and quite simply put second to none. My mother is still with us and the prognosis is she may in fact be with us for much longer than expected due to the team at the Daner Faber Institute.

We here at CoastLine Cordage Group have designed an NFPA 1983-2017 Technical Use approved pink camo semi-static kernmantle rope. Any purchases through our distributors committed to this campaign in support to push the fight in defeating cancer CoastLine Cordage Group will donate 3% of turnover made in manufacturing costs to the Dana Faber Institute in Boston and 3% to the Canadian Breast Cancer Netowork.

This is a campaign dear to my heart and I can say our entire team at CoastLine Cordage Group. We will not stop and continue to run this campaign 365 days a year!

Thank you for your time and hopefully, we have your support!


Matthew Moore
President & CEO
CoastLine Cordage Group Ltd


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